Elly Bay

Welcome to Elly Bay, Central Ohio’s HOTTEST Private Swim-Up Bar!

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Named after a fine, sandy beach along the western coast of Ireland, Elly Bay is bringing the beach party to you in Columbus, Ohio!

With these amenities Elly Bay is THE hot spot for summer partying and relaxing:

1. 2,000 sq. foot heated pool with plenty in water seating
2. Full service swim up bar with bar stools
3. Large center island for DJ’s, bands, and lounging.
4. State of the art filtration system that filter water four times faster than the average pool.
5. 100 lounge chairs for lounging next to the pool or in the sand.
6. The water is always heated to 86 degrees!


Elly Bay 2018 – Details Coming Soon!

Sponsorship & Advertising Contact:
Becky Long at Becky@Sweet6Marketing.com 
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