Train Like An Olympian All Year Round At Flannagan's Dublin

SkyTechSport Indoor Ski Simulator

365 Days of Skiing

You love the thrill, the competition, and the challenge of skiing, but busy schedules and the offseason put a crimp in your plans. The world’s first snow sports simulators prove that time and space are no obstacles to becoming the best skier you can be. For years, the SkyTechSport ski & snowboard simulator was for pro athletes. Now you can learn and train right here at Flannagan’s, all while getting the same adrenaline rush.

Have you ever dreamed of ripping down a hill in perfect parabolic curves like a pro? Tired of snowplow but still can’t get the hang of the tricky edging movements and keep losing balance? SkyTechSport simulator is the only off-piste equipment allowing to practice carving and how lucky are we that you get to experience it right here at Flannagan’s!

Get a solid stance, learn to keep your skis parallel, master the correct weight transfer movements and unweighting, build up all the ski-specific muscles. 30 minutes on the simulator equal a whole-day training on the slope! You’ll soon see a breakthrough in technique and will be able to get down the mountain with full control and fluidity.

Many Safety Variables in place to protect you at all times.

Perfect for any Age, Skill Level or Goal in mind!

Making that first run

Learn the basics indoors ahead of your ski trip. Build up skills in a safe and friendly environment within days. On the slopes, you’ll feel confident from day one.

Getting a workout

Gym equipment that makes fitness an adventure? Virtual slopes are just as fun as a video game, but are also a great cardio and strength exercise. Engage all main muscle groups and improve your balance.

Races and competitions

Train and practice all year round. Virtual courses allow to perfect slalom, GS and even Olympic Downhill. Track your results on a world-wide live leaderboard.

Let us host your next party.

Whether you’re hosting a graduation party, birthday party, or want to have a fun off season ski team competition on the Olympic course, Flannagan’s will customize your event to make it an exciting time on the ski simulator!