Volleyball Sign-Up 2018

Welcome to the Flannagan’s Beach Volleyball 2017/2018 Season!

Flannagan’s will now be managing our volleyball leagues through a new app called IM Leagues.  As we are very certain that it will be a huge benefit to our customers, we do understand there will be a learning curve for all of us. IM Leagues will give you and your teammates the opportunity to view your schedule, see the standings, communicate with other teams, view tournament schedules as well as many more awesome features we know we all will learn to love! If you have questions/concerns throughout the transition to IM Leagues, please do not hesitate to reach us at serena@flannagans.com so that we can answer those questions!

When setting up your IM Leagues Username, please make sure to search for “Flannagan’s Dublin” under “Organization” dropbox.

Sessions & Start Dates:
  • (8Week) WINTER 2018- January 7th- March 2nd (Sign-Up Deadline January 4th, 2018)
  • (8Week) SPRING 2018- March 4th- May 4th  (Sign-Up Deadline March 1st, 2018)

Questions? Email us at serena@flannagans.com

Additional Info:
  • Weather is never an issue with The Fieldhouse
  • Double-Play Fridays- Friday night league DOUBLE the games each week at no extra cost!
  • Every Team will have a mixture of game starting times between 6:15PM and 10:15PM
  • Two League Skill Levels: (A) Athletic League and (B) Beer League
  • Two League Types: 6’s & 4’s
    • 6’s Offered Sunday-Friday
    • 4’s Offered Monday & Wednesday
  • Rally Scoring to 21 points (must win by 2 points) with a cap at 25 points
  • 3 sets in a match
  • ALL Co-Rec Fun 6’s Leagues- A team consists of 6 players. You must play with at least 5 players, 2 of which must be women.  Never more than three men on the court at a time
Sponsorship & Advertising Contact:
Becky Long at Becky@Sweet6Marketing.com