Volleyball Sign-Up

Winter Session 2024

Registration Deadline- December, 30th. 

Winter INDOOR will run for 8 weeks.

We do not cancel volleyball leagues for inclement weather. 
Should there be lightning, games will be delayed until the lightning has cleared. 


  • Summer sessions will be played outdoors with overflow playing in The Fieldhouse. 
  • Every Team will have a mixture of game starting times between 6:15PM and 10:15PM
  • Skill Levels:
    • Beer League
      • The league for the average or…below average player. Players in this league Just want to have a good time, drink, be active, and play with friends. 
    •  Athletic League:
      • This League is for players who are somewhat competitive, but winning isn’t everything. They still play for the good time and have an above average skill level. 
    • Competitive Fours League
      • This for players who come to get a WIN and go all out for the sport. All business first and beers after the game. This is for players with a higher skill level and are dedicated to the game. They still want to have fun but are very competitive.
    • Reffed Leagues
  • League Types:  Sixes and Fours
    • Sixes Offered Sunday-Friday 
    • Fours Offered Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
  • Rally Scoring to 21 points (must win by two points) with a cap at 23 points, three sets in a match
  • ALL Co-Rec Sixes Leagues:
    • A team consists of six players
    • You must play with at least five players, two of which must be women
    • Never more than three men on the court at a time
  • All volleyball sales are final.  No refunds.

Reffed Leagues:

-Referee track the score and make all calls.

-Lifts, and multiple touches, into the net, out of bounds under the net.

-Subject to changes based on referee availability.

 -Arguing with league officials is not permitted.

– Volleyball Coordinator has final authority with discrepancies.

Quad Leagues: 

  • Gameplay rules the same as 6s.
  • Teams must consist of 4 players 
  • Must play with at least 3 players
    • Coed Quads
      • Beer League if playing with 3 players 2 must be women 
      • (This is to prevent unfair advantage in spiking and prevent players, playing down)

Questions? Email us at serena@flannagans.com