Volleyball Sign-Up


Summer I Session 2023

Registration Deadline- April 23rd

Summer I starts the week of April 30th and will run for 8 weeks.

Once the outdoor courts are sold out, we will start selling courts inside The Fieldhouse.

We do not cancel volleyball leagues for inclement weather. 
Should there be lightning, games will be delayed until the lightning has cleared. 


  • Summer sessions will be played outdoors with overflow playing in The Fieldhouse. 
  • Every Team will have a mixture of game starting times between 6:15PM and 10:15PM
  • Skill Levels:
    • Beer League
      • The league for the average or…below average player. Players in this league Just want to have a good time, drink, be active, and play with friends. 
    •  Athletic League:
      • This League is for players who are somewhat competitive, but winning isn’t everything. They still play for the good time and have an above average skill level. 
    • Competitive Fours League
      • This for players who come to get a WIN and go all out for the sport. All business first and beers after the game. This is for players with a higher skill level and are dedicated to the game. They still want to have fun but are very competitive.
    • Reffed Leagues
  • League Types:  Sixes and Fours
    • Sixes Offered Sunday-Friday 
    • Fours Offered Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
  • Rally Scoring to 21 points (must win by two points) with a cap at 23 points, three sets in a match
  • ALL Co-Rec Sixes Leagues:
    • A team consists of six players
    • You must play with at least five players, two of which must be women
    • Never more than three men on the court at a time
  • All volleyball sales are final.  No refunds.

Reffed Leagues:

-Referee track the score and make all calls.

-Lifts, and multiple touches, into the net, out of bounds under the net.

-Subject to changes based on referee availability.

 -Arguing with league officials is not permitted.

– Volleyball Coordinator has final authority with discrepancies.

Quad Leagues: 

  • Gameplay rules the same as 6s.
  • Teams must consist of 4 players 
  • Must play with at least 3 players
    • Coed Quads
      • Beer League if playing with 3 players 2 must be women 
      • (This is to prevent unfair advantage in spiking and prevent players, playing down)

Questions? Email us at serena@flannagans.com