Flannagan’s House Rules

1. Flannagan’s is ALWAYS 21 AND OVER. Players without a valid driver’s license each week and a signed 2014 waiver form will not be allowed entrance. Everyone will be required to fill out an official individual waiver form prior to entering Flannagan’s. This waiver must contain the person’s signature. Any person not willing to sign a waiver form will not be allowed to enter our facility. If any volleyball player participates without signing the official team waiver, that game will be FORFEITED. All players must be over 21.

2. Food and drinks will not be permitted beyond our entrance. This includes bottled water. Coolers will not be allowed. All purses/bags will need to be opened and checked at the front door prior to entry.

3. If a team cannot make the scheduled game, it is that team’s captain’s responsibility to contact the opposing team’s captain and confirm verbally with volleyball coordinators (at least 24 hours before the scheduled game). If no confirmation is received and the opposing team shows, it will be considered a forfeit. Any “no –show” will be considered a forfeit. If you win due to a “no-show” forfeit, please note it in the volleyball notebook so we may contact the absent team to ensure they will show for future games.

4. We never cancel games prior to game time due to weather. Please do not call to see if your game is cancelled, always have your team show up to play. If a game is cancelled because of severe weather, it will be done at game time. You are always welcome to contact the other team captain and reschedule. Both captains need to call Flannagan’s (614) 766-7788 during business hours to confirm the rescheduled time and date. You may also email us.

5. ALCOHOL/BEVERAGES: You may not bring any container with alcohol to Flannagan’s. If you do you will be asked to leave immediately and will be banned from Flannagan’s.

6. FIREARMS: No guns or any form of firearms are allowed at Elly Bay or Flannagan’s at any time.

7. ELLY BAY: All pool rules must be followed. Anyone not following the rules of Elly Bay will be asked to leave and may or may not be banned from Flannagan’s.

8. TOURNAMENT: All teams will be invited to participate in both Tournament weeks. The Pre-Season Tournament seeding will be pre-determined. The end of season Tournament format will seed 1 vs. 12, 2 vs. 11 and so on. Teams with the same record will be randomly seeded. Tournament format will be one game first team to 21. The winner will advance. We will not have refs, but volleyball coordinators will be present to help the tournament run smoothly. The final game will be played best of three to 15.
NEW THIS YEAR, we will be having an All Session Tournament at the end of each session. ALL teams participating in that session will be invited to attend. Dates for each All Session Tournament are to be determined. The overall winner each session receives a VIP party at Flannagan’s.

9. FRIDAY OPEN PLAY: Any players looking for a pickup game should come to Flannagan’s on Friday evenings. Check in with a bartender and they will coordinate some games. Dates: Friday, May 2nd through Friday, September 12th. No cover charge to enter Flannagan’s on Fridays after 5pm.

CHAMPIONSHIP PRIZES: The winning team of the end of season tournament will receive up to 10 t-shirts for those playing on the team that wins. Any team wishing to purchase additional t-shirts may do so for $11.00.

VOLLEYBALLS: Flannagan’s will have volleyballs available for all games. It is mandatory that we hold an ID for all volleyballs that are checked out. If you would like to use your own ball feel free, but we will not be held responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged volleyballs.

OPEN COURT USAGE AND PLAY: The courts are always open for play during non-scheduled activities or league play and are free to use. Any open courts must be shared with other guests. You must allow waiting customers to rotate in. To reserve the court for parties or exclusive use we charge $40/court per hour. This must be scheduled with Flannagan’s. All players participating must sign the official waiver prior to playing. All players play at their own risk.